Paris results

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Paris results

Post  2dipicche on Wed 29 May - 14:45

Just received them:



Appariements normaux

france / suisse

EN /O&G => 12/8
HE/ CV => 2/18
brets/brets => 14/6
RO/DEM => 10/10
GDC /GDC => 20/0
SKA/EMP => 20/0
EMP/NA => 17/3
NDC/ES => 15/5

Resultat 110/50


Appariements volontairement worst case pour la france

france / suisse

EN/ DEM => 9/11
RO/Emp => 14/6
SKA/ NA => 6/14
NDC /GDC => 12/8
EMP/ Brets => 12/8
HE/CV => 11/9
HL/ES => 10/10
GDC / O&G => 0/20

Resultat 74/86


Appariements normaux mais avec EN jeté en 1er à la place du HE

france / suisse

EN/ES => 10/10
GDC/ brets 20/0
NDC / CV => 8/12
HE/EMP => 12/8
HL/DEM => 9/11
EMP /O&G => 14/6
RO/NA => 13/7
SKA/GDC => 11/9

resultats 97/63

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Re: Paris results

Post  Xavier on Wed 29 May - 15:01

About my results:

1st game, french captain with Brets:
I have a slight advantage here, since I have more pegasus than him (but he has the horn of fredemond)
He casts a total power comet turn 1 that put me in deep trouble... (also a mistake that I make with vanguard, which made me stuck in a corner)
But I get over it and get some small units and go safely to a 11-9 or 12-8.
But, miscast with the level 4, 3 deads, failed panic test and flee out of the table...
Then he makes the horn to block my five pegasus. I fail the march test, so I have to put 3 pegasus to avoid the charge of his bus of knight. But then another total power with Uranon kills me two pegasus, I fail the panic test and flee out of the table.
Basically 1200pts lost on three failed test, shit happens.
But normally It's logically an even matchup Smile

2nd game, Empire.
I only get one long range damage spell (Uranon... hooraay...) and he kills me one trebuchet first turn, despite the pegasus put in from of them to block the canonball.
I tried to go against his bunker, but he blocks me with the tank and I can't move forward, since my general has to stay behind the hill. Another Uranon kills me two pegasus in the unit of 5, and I fail my panic test again... and after the two canons kill two pegasus and I can't rally anymore...
That's why we finish with a 8-12, but we decide to play the rest of the game for fun.
I tried very risky tricks, but my level 4 disappeared in the warp with half of her unit... Nonetheless with some konga tricks I managed to take away the demigryphs and impact the unit of knights with characters... but he pass his Ld3 test and then the tank finishes me off, end of the game haha.
Against such a bunker, and with the tank, there's not much to do. Basically hide the trebuchet behind the hill, and bomb his bunker with comets and rocks, to force him to break his defensive system.
I also made a new general that is very resistant to canonballs, and taking away the steamtank will mostly result in a big victory for me.

3ng game, WoC.
I never played against WoC before, so I decided to rush him to see the maximum I could get out of the matchup.
But, sadly I didn't see he had the Crown (he just changed his list before the game) and my whole tactic failed because of that (my two bus of knights got stuck against his 18 nurgle warriors with level 4...) and he destroyed me entirely. This explains the 20-0, but I think I can't reasonably hold a 10-10 if I corner, but it is yet to test Smile

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Re: Paris results

Post  2dipicche on Wed 29 May - 15:10

My games:

Ogres, he has 5 fangs that I can't stop and 7 maneaters with poison guns. I don't take risks, kill his cannon with a little bit of luck but mine explodes last turn. 10-10.

DE deployed on the corner. First turn I can take 2 bolts with a cannon ball but I roll 8 for winds of magic. I reroll them and I roll 8 another time. On a 6 I hit the cannon and he rolls 13 for the 3D6 test. 135 free points... I just take 2/4 bolts with magic and 2 harpies units. An easy 13 becomes a 11.

Their captain with lizards. Doesn't understand my list and I kill 20 chamaleons on first turn. He cast a total power sun that take 4 screamers out (without it he could never take my 320 points) but lose the slaan (so only 30 points of difference). After that I kill his salamander pack but nothing more. 11 for me.

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Re: Paris results

Post  Dim on Thu 30 May - 7:57

My game:

First game against skavens:

I made defensive positions turn 1, and skavens more or less rushed me without a lot of redirectors to protect the 2 grey seers.
So I tried to assault him, but one plague killed 10 knights (I had 5+ward), letting my characters out alone for a canon shot that took my BSB and remaining cavalry. (str2->6 to wound...). Note that the french player used the worst play trick of turning the canon to get line of sight. (I didn't know it was worst play).

In the meantime, I'm unable to kill the whell (1LP remaining) with one canon, the other explodes and the lvl4 is sent to the warp.

So basically everything goes wrong, and I get punished, 0-20.

Second game against Ogers:

I try to engage him in the close combatby pushing a bit, but I get blocked by redirectors.
A small unit of 3 ogers do a big move around the table to come to take my canons that I left unprotected, but my canons can't harm it (and one explode trying to do so).
I get an opening in his defensive position when 5 ogers cavalry flee out of the table because I killed one sabertusk, so I keep on putting pressure.
There come my mistake, I let the infantery unit with lvl4 too far behind and one reformation test failed latter, found myself obliged to face the 3 ogers with the hallberdiers unit without the LD of the general. I lose combat, failed stubborn test, and that's it. 6-14.

Last game against HE:

Basically his two infantery blocks rush me, the conga of phoenix gards is blocked by the demigryphs and I put pressure on his lvl4 to prevent the White lions to come.
One miasma and pit of shade combined let my cavalry unit with one survivor, that fails one turn later a panic test.
I am obliged to catapult my characters in the infantery unit to save them, causing leadership problems.

My canons take 2 bolt throwers and 2 eagles, one explode himself trying to kill another bolthrower.

The game would have ended on a 10-10 if a 1mm line of sight + a 9 to roll on a charge take away the last canon, making the huricanum panic.

What I learned:
I loosed a lot of points trying to be agressive in the two first games. I think that unless I have things to take out redirectors, I can't push.
Basically this means that I will more or less stay in my corner.

The fighting lord with runefang is somehow counter productive. He is unprotected and will not see a favorable fight because of this redirectors thing.
RM 3 + heliobolis can be interesting, to get 3+ ward against magic and +1DD. (I had 5+, and get ripped twice by magic)


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Re: Paris results

Post  Pulps on Thu 6 Jun - 11:55

Here is the feedback of my substitute french player. Sadly it's in french.

Partie 1 vs Gui en EN

Il a 4 balistes le soleil... J'ai peur d'avancer, je joue défensif derrière une colline et je tire, j'espère passer un pied pour me permettre de mettre à mal un de ses pack pour une éventuelle contre attaque. Le pied ne viendra jamais (3 fois je n'atteins pas le seuil). Gui me prend ce qu'il peut (loups suigs et 2 machine (je me casse un plongeur tour1). Bref je prends 12-8 après en avoir parlé avec Gui il y avait peut-être effectivement moyen pour moi d'oser davantage... C'est ce que je vais faire aux deux parties suivantes.

Partie 2 Vs Jed en GDC

Clairement l'appariement ne l'avantage pas. Son canon apo fait 2 hit en 3 tirs, Mais j'ai pas mal de chance de mon côté aussi et il perds rapidement 1 char et 1 massacreur au tir. Il rate une charge à 5 sur 3 dés ce qui entraine la perte de ses deux autres chars.Mon 2e tour est compliqué avec des jets de cailloux entre mes loups et mes sauvages=> pas de magie. Il me charge mes loups avec ses massacreur et m'offre un flanc pour les trolls qui vomissent sur son héros GB et le tuent. A mon tour 3 je passe un gros pied qui rebondit 9 fois et tue tous ses guerriers et persos... Jed abandonne. Sans le pied c'était déjà pas bien engagé pour lui mais là clairement avec de la chance en plus pour moi....

Partie 3 Vs Ankor en Empire

Comme toujours on passe une partie bien sympa. Je galère au déploiement tellement j'ai peu de poses et lui beaucoup. Je me décide à mettre les ON de l'autre côté de l'infran au milieu de la table. Je me lance à la poursuite de l'empire bien calé en fond de table face aux ON. j'avance assez vite et lui tue 9 cavaliers sur 10 lors des deux premières phases de tir. Lui fait le ménage dans les squigs et machines (classique) avec ses canon et ses comètes. Je me sens pas mal jusqu'au tour 3 où des jets de cailloux m'empêcheront de contrôler mes trolls(2 phases de vomi perdues pour casser le tank auquel il reste 3pv en fin de partie) et me gache une phase de magie. Tour 4 et 5 je passe le pied en irres sur le demi poulets qui menacent de contrecharger mes ON bloqués avec son général 2+ contre enflammé. Je parviens à tuer seulement deux demi gryph malgré 1 rebond et des hits, Thibault réussis parfaitement des sav à 5+ 6+invu (heliobolis). La charge des demi gryph + heliobolis sur les ON bloqué provoque leur perte. Je perds 14-6 et je maudis la bannière enflammée à retirer d'urgence pour une bannière de rapidité. Je perds 14-6, clairement ça aurait pu tourner autrement sans les jets de cailloux et sans la bannière sur les ON.

My considerations:

1st, vs DE:
I personally wouldn't have played the match like him: by playing defensively you're likely going to lose 7-9. Here you should go and put some pressure, the list is able to do it, even by taking some risks.

2nd, vs WoC:
O&G are now a good answer here, but I'm wondering how many WoC will O&G face during the ETC Very Happy

3d, vs EMP:
I really don't get it how he could get stucked his black orcs by a foot character with WS2+ flame. But otherwise I'd have played aggressively in the same way, nothing to say about that.

All in all, in my opinion, this list still remains a good option. I know you're all thinking that a AS counter should be wide way better, but I'm still not that sure =P=P



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Re: Paris results

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