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Post  Xavier on Tue 5 Jul - 17:49

Ismael de Nova Verbo (Farothdin), Coach
Alberto Carrillo López (Cachorro), Coach (c)
Alberto González Valera (AlberOrdenance), Coach
Alex Martínez Redondo (AlexHungar), Coach

Guillermo López Jiménez, Highborn Elves (Guille-L)
High Prince on lion chariot: General, Royal Huntsman, Great Bow of Elu, Dragonscale Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Potion of Swiftness, great weapon, heavy armour, 348
Commander sky sloop: BSB, Fleet Officer, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, lance, shield, dragonforged armour, 309
Commander sky sloop: Fleet Officer, Hero's Sword, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Greater Shield, dragonforged armour, 272
Mage: Lv2, White Magic, Dispel Scroll, 130
Mage: Lv1, White Magic, Tome of Arcane Lore, 85
35 Sea Guard: Standard, musician, Gleaming Icon, 445
2x5 Elein Reavers: bows, 90
18 Flame Wardens: Standard, musician, Icon of the Relentless Company, 288
18 Flame Wardens: Standard, musician, Flaming Standard, 293
1 Lion Chariot, 100
1 Giant Eagle, 50
Total: 2500

Samuel Cazorla Millán, Ogre Khans (SamuCaos)
Great Shaman Rottenjaw: general, Lv4, Great Weapon, Skull Splitter, Essence of Free Mind (Alchemy-Fire), 377
Khan Hoardmaster: BSB, Brace of Ogre Pistols, Iron Fist, Yeti Furs,Dragonskin Banner, 220
Shaman: Lv1 Fire, Great Weapon, Dispel Scroll, 146
13 Tribesmen: Iron Fist, Heavy Armour, FGC, Banner of Discipline, 517
15 Scraplings: Standard, 50
15 Scraplings: Standard, Musician, 60
3x1 Kin-Eater, 90
8 Mercenary Veterans: FCG, Poisoned Attacks, +1 Ballistic Skill, Brace of Ogre Pistols, Holy Icon, 510
2x2 Yetis, 80
Sabretooth Tigers, 40
Thunder Cannon, 150
Total: 2500

Alberto Hernández Paredes, Undying Dynasties (Pagan)
Tomb Architect, General,50
2x Tomb Architect, 50
Death Cult Acolyte: Lv2 Sand, Hierophant, Dispel Scroll, 125
Death Cult Acolyte: Lv2 Sand, Tome of Arcane Lore, 105
20 Skeletons Archers: FCG, Gleaming Icon,155
4x5 Skeleton Cavalry, 65
6 Shabtis(Core): FCG, Great Aspen Bow, 251
2x10 Shabtis: FCG, Great Aspen Bow, 399
3 Great Vultures, 80
5 Winged Reapers: Paired Weapons, 396
2x Charnel Catapult, 90
Total: 2500

Borja barroso, Saurian ancients (BARROSO)
Cuatl Lord: General , BSB, lv4, White Magic, Wellspring of power, Ancient knowledge, Grounding Rod, 445
Saurian Warlord on raptor: Fleshrender, Armour of destiny, dusk stone, 280
Skink priest: Wilderness, Dispell scroll, 100
Skink captain on Alpha Rhamphodon: Mount´s proteccion 5+, shield, Dragonscale helm, hero´s sword, 142
Skink captain on Alpha Rhamphodon: Mount´s proteccion 5+, hardened shield, Flamming lance, Dragonfire gem, 130
20 Saurian warriors: Standard bearer, musician, gleaming icon, 220
30 Saurian warriors: Standard bearer, musician, 325
10 Skink braves: Skirmirsh, 80
26 Temple guard: standard bearer, musician, 390
Stigiosaur, 115
2x2 Weapon beasts: Spearback, 120
2x2 Weapon beasts: Salamander, 150
Total: 2497

Alvaro Lopez, Sylvan Elves (SMB)
High Druid: General, Lv4, Fire, Obsidian Nullstone, Book of Arcane Power, 310
Forest Prince: Shapeshifter, elven cloack, light armour, shield, Whirlwind Blade, Helm of the Wild Hunt, Potion of Strength, 298
Chieftain: BsB, pathfinder, Hail Shot, Icon of the Relentless Company, longbow, Fey arrow(Hawthorn Point) 170
Druid: Lv1, Alchemy, tome of arcane lore, 85
Druid: Lv1, Alchemy, dispel scroll, 105
12 Sylvan Archers: Standard bearer, musician, black arrow, 174
2x10 Sylvan Archers: Standard Bearer, musician, black arrow, 150
11 Sylvan Archers: Standard Bearer, musician, black arrow, 162
3x5 Blade Dancers, 75
5 Wild Huntsmen: Standard Bearer, gleaming icon, 160
2x9 Pathfinders, 192
8 Sylvan Sentinels: Hawthorn Points, scout, 125
Total: 2498

Francisco Miguel Macias, Beast Herds (Miguelito)
Minotaur Warlord: Blessed Sword, Dragonscale Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Potion of Strength, heavy armour, shield, 355
Centaur Chieftain: General, Sword of Strength, Hardened Shield, Dragonfire Gem, Gem of Fortune, heavy armour, +1 wound, totem bearer, Looted Booze, 222
Centaur Chieftain: BsB, shield, Pillager Icon, Dark Rain, lance, totem bearer, 212
Centaur Chieftain: Crown of Scorn, Flaming Lance, 135
2x 10Wildhorn Herd: Standard Bearer, ambush, 70
2x5 Feral Hounds, 40
2x1 Raiding Chariot, 75
14 Centaurs: Standard Bearer, champion, Banner of Discipline, Paired Weapons, 251
5 Centaurs: Paired Weapons, 80
Razortusk Chariot: Hunting Horn, 130
3x1 Razortusk Herd, 50
Gortach, 200
2x1 Jabberwock, 125
Beast Giant, 145
TOTAL: 2500

Miguel Calderon, Vermin Swarm (CaaL)
Tyrant on Vermin Guard Litter: General, Lucky Shield, 125
Magister: Lv4, Ruin, Eye of the Storm, Grounding Rod, 245
Chief: BsB, banner of discipline, 90
Apprentice Magister: Lv1, Ruin, dispel scroll, 100
20 RatsatArms: standar bearer, 90
25 slaves, 50
25 Vermin Guard: standard bearer, champion, the lighting rod, 235
25 Vermin Guard: standard bearer, champion, 185
15 Plague Brotherhood: standard bearer, 90
2x6 Jezail, 120
3x8 grenadiers, 75
3x1 Weapon Team: rotatory gun, 65
2x2 Rat Swarm, 40
2x5 Gutter Blades: poisoned attacks, tail weapon, 80
5 Gutter Blades: poisoned attacks, tail weapon, scout and ambush, 90
2x2 Thunder Hulks, 150
TOTAL: 2500

Pablo Vega Garcia, Vampire covenant (Turtle)
Vampire count: General, lv2, necromancy, Von Karnstein Bloodline, storm caller, Heavy armor, blessed sword, potion of strength,sprout of rebirth, dragonscale helm, 430
Necromancer: lv2, necromancy, dispel scroll, 125
Necromancer: lv1, necromancy, tullius' teeth, 115
50 skeletons: Spear, FCG, war standard, 275
47 skeletons: Spear, FCG , 245
20 zombies: standard bearer, 65
5 dire wolves, 40
2x2 Phantom host, 60
3x2 Great bats, 40
35 barrow guard: Halberd, FCG, banner of the barrows kings, 435
2x5 wraiths, 75
2xDark coach, 190
TOTAL: 2500

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