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Post  Xavier on Tue 5 Jul - 14:09

Team USA

Jesse Silva - Non Playing Coach

Chris Mince (c), Vampire Covenant
Vampire Count: General, Master, Brotherhood, Crimson Rage, Level 2 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Necromancy, Shield, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Potion of Strength, Blessed Sword, Dragonscale Helm, 430
Necromancer Lord: Level 4 Wizard Master, Path of Necromancy, Dispel Scroll, 235
Necromancer: Level 2 Wizard Apprentice; Path of Death, Tome of Arcane Lore, 105
Fell Wraith: Beast-bane Halberd, 80
40 Ghouls: FCG, 395
2x20 Zombies: Musician; Standard Bearer, 75
2x5 Dire Wolves, 40
33 Barrow Guard: Shields; FCG, Banner of the Barrow Kings, 378
5 Spirit Hosts 135
2x2 Great Bats 40
5 Winged Reapers: Halberd 431
2,499 points

Jeremy Gottschalk, Infernal dwarves
Overlord: on great bull of Shamut, general, pistol, Divine Icon, Onyx Hammer, Ring of Desiccation, 515
Vizier on bull of Shamut, BSB, Dragon Scale Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Flaming Lance, 322
Magus on Lamassu, Level 1 of Shadow (Lamassu level 1 of fire), Infernal Weapon, Mace Tail, Hardened Shield, Dusk Stone, 285
Magus level 1 of Fire, Lucky Shield, Dispel Scroll, 115
24 Citadel Guard: fcg, Flintlock Axe, banner of Nezibkesh ,438
2x20 Hobgoblins: banner, Musician, Replace Shield with bows, 95
2x Infernal Artillery: Rocket Battery, 85
2x5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders: Musician, Shield , 70
Kadim Titan: 325
Total 2500

Colin Power, Saurian Ancients
Cutal Lord: General, Level 4 Wizard Master, Path of Heavens, Wellspring of power, Unconquerable will, Ring of fire, Tome of arcane lore, 405
Skink Captain on Taurosaur: BSB, lucky shield, 270
Skink Priest: Level 1 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Heavens, Dispel scroll, 100
2 x 24 Saurus: spears, FCG, 317
10 skink braves: skrimish, 80
2 x 3 Skink sky riders: pteradon, 100
2 x 10 Skink hunters: vanguard, blowpipes, 100
10 Skink hunters: chameleon, blowpipes, 110
2 x 2 Salamanders, 150
Taurosaur, 200
Total 2499

Zack Martin, Sylvan Elves
High Druid, General, Level 4, Path of Fire, Book of Arcane Power, 265
Forest Prince, Shapeshifter, Light Armour, Shield, Elven Cloak, Giant Sword, Dragonscale Helm, Divine Icon, 283
Forest Prince, Shapeshifter, Light Armour, Shield, Elven Cloak, Whirlwind Blade, Helm of the Wild Hunt, Potion of Strength, 298
Chieftain, Pathfinder, BSB, Longbow, Hawthorn Point, Icon of Relentless Company, 140
Chieftain, Pathfinder, Longbow, Hawthorn Point, Hail Shot, 130
Druid, Level 2, Path of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, 130
14 Sylvan Archers, Standard Bearer, Musician, Black Arrows. Gleaming Icon, 203
15 Sylvan Archers, Standard Bearer, Musician, Black Arrows, 210
2x5 Heath Riders, Standard, Shield, Elven Cloak, 110
2x10 Pathfinders, 215
10 Sentinels- Hawthorn Point, Scout, 140
1 Eagle, 50
Total: 2,499

Len Szatkowski, Dread Elves
Dread Prince, General, Cult of Nabh, Crimson Mail, Divine Icon, Dragonfire Gem, Headman's Axe, 260
Exalted Oracle, Level 4, Path of Heavens, Obsidian Rock, Ring of Shadows, 285
Oracle Level 2, Path of Fire, Dispel Scroll, 130
Cult Priest BSB, Cult of Nabh, Executioners Blade, Mithril Mail, Icon of Relentless Company, 170
3x5 Dark Raiders, Repeater Crossbows, Shields 115
2x11 Repeater Auxiliaries, Banner, Musician, 140
3x Repeater Bolt Thrower, Repeating Shots, 80
30 Tower Guard, FCG, Beastbane Halberd, Banner of Blood, 500
Hunting Chariot, Giant Bow, 90
Divine Alter, Altar of Nabh, 200
Total 2500

Ciaran Dunne, Vermin Swarm
Tyrant: General, dark shard brew, great weapon, Wizards hood, dispel scroll, bronze armour, 220
Chieftain: BSB, heavy armour, hardened shield, icon of the relentless company, 90
Siccara Assassin: Multiple wounds D3, lethal strike, tail weapon, potion of strength, mitril armour, 190
2x Rakachit machinist: heavy armour, halberd, 74
Plague prophet on plague pendulum: level 1, caldron of blight, halberd, book of arcane power, 324
28 plague brotherhood, standard, musician, 178
41 vermin guard, standard, musician, rending banner, 358
20 rat at arms, standard, 90
2 x 5 gutter blades, tail weapons, 60
5 gutter blades, tail weapons, poison, scout and ambush, 90
2x 2 rat swarms 40
2x verminous artillery, lightning cannon 85
2x 2 Thunder Hulks, 150
Dreadmill 140
Total: 2498

Mike Hernandez, Empire of Sonnestahl
Knight Commander: Legendary Warrior, Lucky Shield, Potion of Swiftness, The Sonnstahl, Dragonfire Gem, 235
Prelate on Altar of Battle: General, Shield, Dragonscale Helm, 263
Captain: BSB, Plate Armour, Hardened Shield, 100
Wizard: Level 1 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Light, Dispel Scroll, 100
Wizard: Level 2 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Light, Tome of Arcane Lore, 105
11 Electoral Cavalry: FCG, Upgrade to Imperial Cavalry, Lance, Shield, 305
40 Heavy Infantry: FCG, Swap Shield for Halbred, 250
10 State Milita: Skirmishers, Pistol, 70
2x artillery: Cannon, 100
2x 5 Reiters: Heavy Armour, Brace of Pistols, 95
2× 30 Flagellants: Champion, 270
Arcane Engine: Foresight, 140
Total 2498

James Silva, Orcs and Goblins
Orc Warlord: General, Iron Orc, Plate Armour, Divine Icon, Hardened Shield, Axe of Battle, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, 255
Orc Chief: BSB, Common Orc, Great Weapon, Ironhide Icon, Mithril Mail, 135
Goblin Shaman: Level 2, path of little green gods, Common Goblin, Dispel Scroll, 120
Orc Shaman: Level 1 Path of the big green gods, Obsidian Pebble, Tome of Arcane Lore, 90
Goblin Chief on Wolf: Common Goblin, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Shield, Dragonscale Helm, 76
Goblin Chief on Wolf: Common Goblin, Heavy Armour, Shield, 60
20 Goblins: Cave Goblin, Standard Bearer, Short Bows, 1 Mad Git, 90
20 Goblins: Cave Goblin, Standard Bearer, Musician, Short Bows, 1 Mad Git, 100
40 Orc 'Eadbasher: Common Orc, FCG, Spears, Banner of Speed, 435
6 Gnasher Dashers: 70
2x Greenhide Catapults: Splatterer, 90
8 Trolls: Cave Troll, 378
2x Gargantula: Web Launcher, 255
Total 2499

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