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Post  Xavier on Tue 5 Jul - 12:52

Captain: Marcin "Kalafior" Szlasa-Rokicki
Coach: Tomek "I'm here" Tutaj

Konrad Abrasus Krystecki, Infernal Dwarves

Hobgoblin Chieftain Paired Weapons, 58
Magus General, L2, Forge, Tome of Arcane Lore, Lucky Shield, Dragonfire Gem, Temple Lammasu L1, Fire, Breath Weapon 300
Magus L1, Fire, Engineer, Dispel Scroll, Hardened Shield, 140
Vizier Shield, Battle Standard, Wizard's Hood, Wand of Stability, Flaming Standard, 172
39 Infernal Warriors Great Weapon, fcg, Banner of Nezibkesh, 440
2x20 Hobgoblins Bow instead of shield, Standard, Musician, 95
22 Disciplies of Lugar Great Weapon, Musician, Champion, 350
Infernal Artillery - Bound Daemon - Rocket Battery, 160
Infernal Artillery - Rocket Battery, 85
5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders, 55
Infernal Engine Shrapel Guns, 225
Kadim Titan, 325
Total: 2500

Piotr Kuczyński, Dwarven Holds
Runic Master: General, Plate Armour, Shield, Rune of Iron, Rune of Denial, Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Resilience, Rune of Reckoning, Rune of Resolve, 193
Thane: BSB, Plate Armour, Shield, Rune of Iron (x2), Rune of Fire, Runic Standard of Dismay 158
Engineer: Plate Armour, Shield, 67
Engineer: Plate Armour, Shield, 67
40 Clan Warriors: Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, FCG, Flaming Standard, 440
11 Clan Warriors: Heavy Armour, Shield, Musician, Standard, 98
10 Clan Warriors: Heavy Armour, Shield, Musician, Standard, 90
24 Seekers: Musician, 274
23 Seekers: Musician, Champion, 273
Steam Copter: Steam Bomber, 105
Steam Copter: Steam Bomber, 105
Steam Copter: Flame Copter, 85
Field Artillery: Organ Gun, Rune Crafted, 170
Field Artillery: Organ Gun, 125
Field Artillery: Catapult, 90
Anvil of Power: Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, Rune of Resolve, 160
Total: 2500

Stanisław Crusader Scheiner, Saurian Ancients
Cuatl Lord: General, Battle Standard, L4, White Magic, Ancient Knowledge, Book of Arcane Power, Shielded Soul, 450
Saurian Warlord on Raptor: Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny, Dusk Stone, Divine Icon 300
Skink Priest: L1, Heavens, Dispel Scroll 100
Skink Captain on Alpha Pteradon: Poisoned Javelin, Light Armour, Shield, Dragonscale Helm, Serpent Bow, 142
Skink Captain on Alpha Pteradon: Poisoned Javelin, Light Armour, Hardened Shield, 95
Skink Captain on Alpha Pteradon: Light Lance, Poisoned Javelin, Gambler's Armour, Shield, 110
20 Skink Braves: FCG, 140
10 Skink Braves: Standard, 70
10 Skink Braves: Standard, 70
30 Skink Braves with 3 Caiman: FCG, Gleaming Icon, 345
3x 8 Skink Hunters - Chameleons: 92
3 Skink Sky-Riders: 100
2x 2 Weapon Beasts - Salamander: 150
Total: 2498

Tomasz Laik Gęgotek Sylvan Elves Army

High Druid; L4; White Magic; Dispel Scroll; 250
Druid; L2; Heavens;Tome of Arcane Lore 110
Dryad Matriarch; General; L1; Wilderness; Oaken Crown; 80
Dryad Matriarch; L1; Wilderness; Scarred Bark; 115
Thicket Shepherd; Battle Standard; Amryl's Banner; Entwined Roots; 185
8 Dryads; FCG; 110
30 Dryads; FCG; 374
15 Sylvan Archers; Standard; Musician; Gleaming Icon 155
11 Blade Dancers; 165
11 Blade Dancers; 165
3 Kestrel Knights; Light Armour; Shield; 138
3 Kestrel Knights; Light Armour; Shield; 138
8 Thicket Beasts; FCG; Entwined Roots;465
1 Forest Eagle; 50

Total 2500

Michał Rusinek, Kingdom of Equitaine
Duke on Barded Warhorse: General, Token of the King, Shield, Questing Oath, Fleshrender, Crusader's Helm, Dragonfire Gem, Divine Icon, Virtue of Audacity 275
Grail Damsel on Barded Warhorse: L4, White Magic, Storm Clarion, Dispel Scroll 290
Paladin on Barded Warhorse: BSB, Questing Oath, Great Weapon, Hardened Shield, Dusk Stone, War Banner 169
Damsel on Barded Warhorse: L2, Wilderness,Tome of Arcane Lore, Talisman of Roland 135
6 Knights Aspirant 112
9 Knights of the Realm: FCG, Banner of Discipline 269
9 Knights of the Realm: FCG 244
2x 3 Pegasus Knights 145
2x 5 Yeoman Outriders 55
8 Knights of the Grail: Standard, Musician,Divine Attacks, Flaming Standard 344
2x Siege War Machine: Trebuchet 130
Total: 2498

Marek Szaitis Gmyrek, Vampire Covenant

Lord Necromancer, General, Magic Level 4, Path of Necromancy, Wand of Stability: 215
Vampire Courtier Nosferaty, BSB, Magic Level 2, Path of Heaven, Forbidden Path, Banner of Discipline, Tome of Arcane Lore: 210
Necromancer, Magic Level 2, Path of Necromancy, Unholy Tome: 125
Necromancer, Magic Level 1, Path of Fire, Shielding Scroll: 80
Necromancer, Magic Level 2, Path of Fire, Dispell Scroll: 125
3x1 Banshee: 3x85
20 Skeletons: FCG, War Banner: 125
20 Skeletons: FCG: 110
2 x 20 Zombies: Standard, Musician: 2x75
21 Zombies: Standard, Musician: 78
2 x 6 Dire Wolves: Champion: 2x56
5 Dire Wolves: Champion: 50
5 Phantom Host: 135
3 x 2 Great Bats: 3x40
4 Winged Reapers: Paired Weapons: 319
8 Wraiths: 135
9 Wraiths: 155
Total: 2499

Piotr Borowski, Ogre Khans

Great Khan Headhunter, general, Khagadai's Maul, Aurochs Charm, Yeti Furs, Talisman of Greater
Shielding; 305
Khan, BSB, Fleshrender, Holy Icon; 180
Shaman Rottenjaw, magic level 2, Path of Wilderness, Tome of arcane lore, ring of fire: 190
Shaman, magic level 1, Path of Fire, dispell scroll 140
19x Scraplings; Standard, Musician, short bows 72
14x Tribesman; Heavy Armour; Ironfists; FCG; Banner of Discipline 553
8x Mercenary Veterans, +1 Ballistic Skill; Poisoned Attacks; Brace of Ogre Pistols; FCG, Flaming
Standard; 500
2x Thunder Cannon 2x150
2x Kin-Eater 2x90
2x Sabretooth Tigers 2x40

Total: 2500

Paweł Lohost Prusaczyk, Empire of Sonnstahl

Prelate on Altar of Battle: General, Blessings, Heavy armour, Shield, Barding, Dusk Stone, Locket of Sunna, Dragonscale Helm, Razor Blade 358
Archwizard: L3, Light, Shielding Scroll 185
Wizard: L2, Light, Tome of Arcane Lore 105
Wizard: L2, Wilderness, Dispell Scroll 125
Captain: BSB, Great Weapon, Blessed Armour of Frederic the Great, Lucky Charm, Banner of Courage 134
48 Heavy Infantry: Spear, Light Armour, Shield, FCG, Banner of Unity 299
3x 20 Heavy Infantry: Hand weapon, Light Armour, Shield, FCG 110
2x Artillery: Cannon 100
28 Flagellants: Champion 254
36 Imperial Guard: Hand weapon, Plate Armour, Shield, FCG, Stalker's Standard 369
Arcane Engine: Foreseeing 140
Total 2499

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