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Post  Xavier on Tue 5 Jul - 8:19

Team FRANCE ETC 2016

Lionel "Wingaal" Paludetto - Coach/NoPlaying


Geoffrey "Vvalor" Sanchez, Sylvan Elves
Dryad Matriarch, General Oaken Crown, 60
Thicket Shepherd , BSB, Entwined Roots, Banner of Speed, 185
Druid, Lvl 2, Path of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, 130
Druid, Lvl 2, Path of Heavens, Ring of fire, Tome of arcane lore, 135
15 Sylvan Archers, Standard, Musician, Black Arrows, gleaming icone, 215
2x8 Dryads, Skirmisher, 110
10 Sylvan Archers, MS, Black Arrows, 150
5 Heath riders, elven cloak, S, 110
2x7 Blade Dancers, 105
2x3 Kestrel Knights, swap Longbow for Shield, light armour, Skirmishers, 153
6 Thicket Beast, Entwined Roots Upgrade, FCG, 345
1 Forest Eagle, 50
2x9 Pathfinders, 192
Total: 2500

Julien "Gorgork" Villeroux, Saurian Ancients
Cuatl Lord, fire, BSB, Unconquerable will, Wellspring of power, sceptre of stability, 420
Skink captain, alpha pteradon, egg of the Quetzal, lucky shield, dragonfire gem, poisoned javelin, 135
Skink priest, beast, lvl2, ancient plaque, 115
Skink priest, beast, lvl2, dispel scroll, 125
23 saurian warriors, FCG, gleaming icon, 263
2x14 skink braves, standard, musician, poisoned javelins, 128
2x2 snake swarms, 55
24 Temple guards, FCG, speed banner, 395
3x3 Skink sky riders, pteradons, 100
2x5 skink hunters, blowpipe, 55
2 weapon beasts, spearbacks, 120
2 weapon beasts, salamanders, 150
TOTAL: 2499

Freddy "Angelscry" Denouille, Ogre Khans
1 Great Khan: General, Trolleater, Heavy Armour, Khagadai’s Maul, Mammoth-Hide Cloak, Dragonfire Gem, Divine Icon, 305
1 Great Shaman: Magic Level 3, Path of Alchemy, Great Weapon, Dispel Scroll, 282
1 Khan: BSB, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Stalker Standard, 185
14 Tribesmen: Iron Fist, Heavy Armour, FCG, Banner of Discipline, 553
16 Scraplings: Foreman, Standard: 73
6 Mercenary Veterans: Vanguard, Poisoned Attacks, Brace of Ogre Pistols, FCG, Flaming Standard, 380
3x2 Yeti: 80
2*1 Rock Aurochs: Hunting Spear, 240
Total: 2498

Jonathan "Humblr" Schil, Warriors of the Dark Gods
Lord of Chaos, General, Wrath, Chariot, Shield, Ogre sword, Dragonscale helm, Sprout of rebirth, Soul Reaper, 355
Lord of Chaos, Change, Chariot, Giant sword, Hardened shield, Talisman of greater shielding, potion of swiftness, Third eye, 355
Harbringer, BSB, Change, Chariot, Barding, Great Weapon, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Hardened skin, 305
Sorcerer, Lust, Magic lvl2, Shadow, Chariot, Dispel Scroll, Lucky Shield, Lucky Charm, Razor blade, 225
5 Warhounds, 45
2× 5 Barbarian Horsemen, Mount’s protection (6+), 75
2× 5 Barbarian Horsemen, Mount’s protection (5+), shields, Standard, 95
13 Wasteland warriors, Pestilence, GW, Standard, Champion, Banner of Speed, 259
5 Hell Riders, 75
2x1 Elder Dragon, Halberd, Light Armor, 270
Total : 2499

Didier "Pendi" Pendaries, Dwarven Holds
Master Engineer : Forge Repeater, shield, rune of dragon's breath, 148
Master Engineer : Forge Repeater, 110
Master Engineer : Forge Repeater, 110
Runic Smith (General : Shield, Rune Of Denial, Rune of Harnessing, Rune Of Resolve, Rune Of gleaming, 142
Thane : Battle standard Bearer, Runic Standard of Dismay, 125
2x10 Clan warriors: Throwing Weapons, Shields, M, 90
20 Clan warriors: spears, shield, MS, banner of discipline, 215
20 Clan warriors: spears, shields, Throwing Weapons, vanguard, MS, 230
2xCannon, engineering rune, 115
Organ gun , flaming shots, 130
2xAttack Copter, 75
20 Forge Warden : MS, Runic Standard of Swiftness, 325
16Forge Warden : MS, 244
Anvil of Power : Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, Rune of Resolve, 160
Total : 2499

Vincent "Vince3310" Bernat, Vampire Covenant
Necromancer Lord, general, Necromancy ,lvl4, Ring of Fire, Wand of Stability, 240
Barrow King, BSB, Mantle of Night, Hardener Shield, 150
Necromancer lvl2, Necromancy, Dispel scroll, 125
Necromancer lvl1, Necromancy, Tome of Arcane Lore, 80
Necromancer lvl1, Fire, dragonfire gem, Cadaver Wagon, Bring Out Your Dead, endless Horde, 150
Fell Wraith, Beast-Bane Halberd, 80
20 Zombies, M, 65
20 Zombies, MS, 75
20 Skeletons, shield and basic weapon, FCG, 110
40 Ghouls, FCG, 395
35 Barrow Guard, FCG, Shield, Banner of the Barrows Kings, 400
2x2 Great Bats, 40
2 Phantom Host, 60
2x1Shrieking Horror, 245
Total : 2500

Sylvain "Cocofreeze" Jaber, Empire of Sonnstahl
Prelate on altar of battle, general, lucky shield, dragonfire gem, 260
Captain, BSB, shield, 87
Wizard, heavens, dispel scroll, 100
Wizard lvl2, heavens, tome of arcane lore, 105
3x 10 state militia, skirmish, pistols, 70
14 state militia,skirmish, 70
3x 5 Electoral cavalry, shields, standard, musician, 115
2x 29 Flagellants, champion, 262
2x Artillery, cannon, 100
Arcane Engine, foresing, 140
3 Knights of the Sun Griffon, lance and shield, standard, musician, gleaming icon, 180
5 Knights of the Sun Griffon, lance and shield, standard, musician, 279
TOTAL: 2500

Thibault "Ankor" Rigolet, Captain, The Vermin Swarm
Tyran, doom blade, 180
Plague Prophet,Plague Pendulum, general, cauldron of blight, lvl1, beast bane hallberd, shielding scroll, draconfire gem, 330
Apprentice Magister, lvl2, ruin, dispel scroll, 125
Apprentice Magister, lvl2, ruin, eye of storm, rubis ring of fire, 135
Siccarra assassin, multiple wound, strengh potion, tail weapon, lethal strike, 165
Chief : Battle Standard Bearer, The Lightning Rod, 115
60 Slaves, M, 130
35 plague brotherhood, FCG, plague-riden, banner of discipline, 290
21 rat at arms, MS, 105
15 plague brotherhood, MS, 100
2x5 Gutters blades, scout and ambush, poisoned attack, tail weapon 90
8 Grenadiers, 75
3x2 Rat swarm, 40
2xDreadmill - 140
2xCanon, 85
Total : 2500

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