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Team: Switzerland

Thomas Burri (NP)
Tiziano Prestini (NP)

Zaganidis Dimitri (c), Empire of Sonnstahl
Prelate on Altar of Battle: general, barding, shield, dragonscale helm, Duskstone, Locket of Suna, razor blade 358
Captain, BSB 85
Wizard apprentice, level 2, path of light, Dispel scroll 125
Wizard apprentice, level 2, path of light, tome of arcane lore, ring of fire 130
2x1 Artificier, horse, 65
2x10 state militia, skirmish, pistols 70
19 State militia, pistols, standard musician 134
2x5 Electoral cavalry, lance and shield, standard, musician 120
5 Electoral cavalry lance and shield, standard, musician, gleaming 125
2x1 Cannon 100
Mortar 110
29 Flagellants, champion 262
25 Flagellants, champion 230
Steam tank 230
Total: 2499

Alan Roncorini, Beast Herds
1 Centaur Chieftain: general, Totem Bearer, Throwing Weapons, Heavy Armour, Beast Axe, Scepter of Dominion, Hardened Shield, 190
1 Centaur Chieftain: BSB, Totem Bearer, Looted Booze, Throwing Weapons, Heavy Armour, Shield, Beast Axe, Dragon Mantle, Banner of Discipline, 247
1 Centaur Chieftain: Totem Bearer, Looted Booze, Throwing Weapons, Mithril Mail, Screaming Swords, Crown of Horns, 183
1 Soothsayer: level 2, Path of Death, Dispel Scroll, Leeching Blade, 145
1 Soothsayer: level 2, Path of Death, Pillager Icon, Dark Rain, 145
15 Centaurs: FCG, Count as Core, Lances, Throwing Weapons, Veteran Standard Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Flaming Standard, 355
5 Centaurs: Count as Core, Lances, Standard, 105
4x1 Raiding Chariot, 75
3x10 Wildhorn Herd: Ambush, Standard, 70
10 Mongrel Raiders, 50
2x1 Razortusk Chariot, 110
2x1 Razortusk Herd, 50
2x1 Jabberwock, 125
Total: 2500

Berclaz Paul, Dwarven Holds
Master Engineer: general, shield, forge reapeter, 113
Runic Smith: shield, Rune of Denial, 107
2x 1 engineer: shield, forge reapeter, 77
30 greybeard: GW, FMC, TW, gleaming icon, 495
10 Clan Marksmen: Guild­ Crafted Handguns, 130
2x1 Attack Copter: 75
Catapult: rune engineering, Rune Crafted, 155
2x 1Cannon: engineering rune, 115
3x 10 miners: musician, banner, pistols, 130
Flame Cannon: Rune Struck, 125
2x 1 grudge buster: 165
2x 1 vengeance seeker: 60
Total: 2499

Geiser Andy, Highborn elves
High Prince on Ancient Dragon: general, great weapon, lucky shield ,lucky charm, divine icon, 520
Archmage: level 4, path of heavens, dispel scroll, 250
Commander: BSB, Queen's Companion, Great Bow of Elu, great weapon, 158
Mage on Young Dragon: level 1, Order of the Fiery Heart, Dragon forged Armour, Dusk Stone, Hardened Shield, 322
20 Citizen Archers: FCG, relentless icon 225
5 Elein Reavers, bow 90
3x5 Highborn Lancers: standard, 105
2x10 Grey Watchers: Longbow, shield 190
3 x 1 Sea Guard Reaper: Repeating Shot, 80
Total 2500

Panchard Xavier, Kingdom of Equitaine
Duke on barded warhorse: virtue of audacity, quest oath, shield, dragonhelm, dusk stone, fleshrender, divine icon, 265
Grail damsel on unicorn: level 4, path of white magic, ring of fire, talisman of roland, dispel scroll 330
Paladin on barded warhorse: BSB, grail oath, hardened shield, dragon lance, lucky charm, potion of swiftness, virtue of might 200
12 knights of the realm, FCG, banner of discipline 347
2x5 knights aspirants, heavy armour, banner 125
5 knights aspirants 95
5 mounted yeomen 55
6 knights of the quest, hedge knights, banner 176
6 knights of the quest, hedge knights, banner, gleaming banner 181
7 knights of the grail, FCG, the oriflamme, divine attacks 338
2x field trebuchet 130
Total: 2497

Bovet Mathieu, Ogre Khans
Great Khan: Khagadai’s Maul, Mammoth-Hide Cloak, Trolleater, Dragonfire Gem, Divine Icon 305
Great Shaman: Level 4, path of Heavens, Ring of Fire, Dispell Scroll 325
Khan: BSB, Dragonskin Banner, Rottenjaw, Brace of Ogre Pistols 195
11 Tribesmen: Ironfists, heavy armour, FCG, Standard of Discipline 370
2x3 Tribesmen 75
17 Scraplings: Standard Bearer 56
15 Scraplings: Standard Bearer 50
4 Tuskers Cavalry: Standard Bearer, Musician, Ironfists 328
2x 1 Sabretooth Tigers 40
2x 2 Yetis 80
2x 1 Roc Aurochs: Hunting Spear 240
Total: 2499

Grebac Filip, Saurian Ancients
1 Cuatl Lord: General, BSB, level 4, path of White magic, Wellspring of Power, Ancient Knowledge, Dispel Scroll, Ring of fire, 480
18 Skink Braves: Standard, Musician, Javelin, Shield, 120
2x20 Skink Braves: Musician, Poisoned Javelin, Shield, 160
2x2 Snake Swarms: Scout, 65
2 Snake Swarms: 55
2x8 Caimans: FCG, Halberd, Light Armour, 416
2x10 Skink Hunters: Blowpipe, 90
9 Skink Hunters: Blowpipe, 83
2x2 Weapon Beasts: Salamander, 150
Total: 2500

Rossier Victor, Sylvan Elves
Forest Prince: general, Pathfinder, Great Weapon, Longbow, Obsidian Nullstone, Hail Shot, 253
Forest Prince: Shapeshifter, Shield, Elven Cloak, Whirlwind Blade, Dragonscale Helm, Obsidian Pebble​, Potion of Strength​, 298
Chieftain: BSB, Pathfinder, Great Weapon, Longbow, Mist Walker’s Mirror, Icon of the Relentless Company​, 180
Chieftain: Pathfinder, Great Weapon, Longbow, Sacred Seeds, 140
Druid: Level 2, Path of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, 130
Druid: Level 2, Path of Heavens, Tome of Arcane Lore, Ring of Fire​, 135
10 Sylvan Archers: FCG, Black Arrows, Gleaming Icon​, 165
10 Sylvan Archers: Standard, Musician, Black Arrows, 150
2x 5 Heath Riders: Standard, Shield, Elven Cloak, 110
5 Heath Riders: Shield, 90
2x 3 Kestrel Knights: 120
9 Sylvan Sentinels: Hawthorn Points, 131
8 Sylvan Sentinels: Hawthorn Points, Scout, 125
9 Pathfinders: 192
Forest Eagle: 50
Total: 2499

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