Dwarf fri-fight debrief and army overview.

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Dwarf fri-fight debrief and army overview.

Post  polux on Sun 20 Mar - 14:52

So I played Dwarf at the fri-fight and ended up second. I didn't played extremely good player but there was ultra aggressive list (10 slanlesh beast + 2*30 khorne blood-seeker or 7 dragon oger and 5 crusher) and thus I am happy of my result since the list was more designed to hold elves. Because of the 30 marksmen that are a bit useless against too resilient army.

Here is the list

Runic Smith general shield rune of denial Rune of harnessing rune of Rune of Resolve 137
engineer shield wyrm-slayer rocket 87
dragon seeker 50


10 clan marksmen shield 130
10 clan marksmen shield 130
10 clan marksmen shield 130
18 Greybeards shield musician banner banner of discipline 236

steam copters 70
steam copters 70
steam copters 70
catapult rune engineering rune crafted 155
Cannon engineering rune flaming rune 120
Cannon engineering rune 115
10 miners pistols banner musician 140
10 miners pistols banner musician 140
10 miners pistols banner musician 140


Anvil of Power Rune of Storms Rune of Shattering Rune of Resolve
Anvil of Power Rune of Storms Rune of Shattering Rune of Gleaming
Flame Cannon Rune Struck 130
Flame Cannon Rune Struck 130


Idea behind the list:

When I saw that flame cannon could'have been taken in addition to other warmachine I was like: let's try it!
The idea is to have much more long range power than the enemy and thus obligating him to come. Then when he is coming the 2 flame cannon can make a huge amount of damage.
Ideally it will result in a case where he loose at long range but isn't even able to push thus offering me an easy match-up.

I took 30 marksmen because of the elves. Since canon and cata aren't that dangerous for them I needed marksmen if I wanted to won the long range fight (with anvil it could do). Then the last point went for the 3*10 miners principally to win objective and be a menace for the back line of the enemy.

Tournament debrief:

I must admit it some things worked extremely good. The flame canon are INSANE and alone totally ban the advance of infantry unit in more than one rank. It is simple: they stopped all the blood-seeker and also 40 halberds in one turn.

The other wonderful point is the 3*10 miners. They totally compete for objective while with their 15 A S 5 nothing left behind can resist them. They put a lot of pressure on the enemy and if they are not able to win the close combat the can reroll as small shooting unit.

Also even thought it looks like I have no cc capability the 18 longbeard are awesome. They allow me to make flank counter charge and thus very often the opponent has to be very careful in the management of my 3 gyro and slayer redirector. Without them I would not be putting any pressure and thus my opponent could really yolo-in!

Dwarf overview (what I think).

Many dwarf CC unit have had a boost but still the ironbreaker kills nothing and the kingsguard cost a lot while striking last. When I see all the better CC unit that all strike before and better I really think the dwarf should exploit other advantadges.

As I said the flame canon is a big boost to defensiv army. Dwarf warrior are also now able to hold, for 250pt only 30 warior that now have a ward save! Another plus for defense. However what is the best for me is the redirecting: 3*gyro for 210 pt only, 50pt heros that can vanguard and march 9 to redirect, 60 pt vengance seeker hard target 3W T5.

The real downside of dwarf is the objective. For that I have 2 solution:
1)play ALOT of infantry 2*warrior core and again 25 elite special.
2)play many miners.

For now I have tried the second solution and have never lost the scenario. Two times it was contested by my miners and one time won by them.

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