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9th age feedback

Post  Dim on Fri 14 Aug - 18:58

Hello everyone,

I open this topic to gather feedback on 9th age alpha.
We have to decide what comes as an official feedback from Switzerland ETC team, and what not.

I post my ideas/bugs spot/wishes for 9th age:


infantery on hill + regrowth, half models because height more than 2? This seems silly.
Hill should give +2 in height for purpose of line of sight only.
Adapt vocabulary when refering to height/size: either number (1,2,3,4) or name (small medium, ...), but try to be consistent?
Pike does not do killing blow against monstruous cav?

Metal allows 0+ armor saves? (Maybe precise that max 1+ can be achieved in the spell description?)
Overwhelming dispel, is it normal that I cannot find it?

Combat reforms: can we stop the 4+ non sense to whom starts to reform? (I guess this is the active and reactive player kinf of business)

SUGGESTIONS: Make the boost to infantry conditional:


Formation: A player choose a formation for one of his units during deployment.
He can change the formation of one of his units during a reform or while reforming from victory.

A unit can choose a formation between the ones made available by its equipment or its special rules.
A unit maintaining a formation cannot march and has a charge range reduced to D6+movement, unless otherwise specified.

Skirmishers cannot adopt formations.

Examples of formations:

-Square: This is the default formation of a unit. A unit maintaing this formation can march and charges on 2D6 +M.
-Shield wall: +2 to AS against shooting coming from the front arc, 5+ parry save in CC. (requires shield)  (one should have Vikings show in mind when looking at this)
-Turtle: Same a Shield wall, but the unit has no flank and rear. A unit maintaining this formation cannot move or charge.

-Pike wall: ASF against units engaged in the front. If additionally the enemy unit is of troop type Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry and Chariot, the unit obtain the Killing Blow special rule.
-Hedgehog: Same rules than for Pike wall, but the unit has no flanks and rears. A unit maintaining this formation cannot move or charge.

If a unit is disorganized, the formation revert back to square.

When reforming from victory, a unit can take a -3LD test to change formation.

A unit maintaining a formation cannot reform amid defeat while maintaining a formation:

If a unit is maintaining a formation and the break test is succesfull, the unit has to take a LD test with usual modifiers. I case of failure, the unit loose its formation (back to square). In case of success, the unit can either keep its formation or either do a normal reform amid defeat and loose its formation.


bonuses to hit large targets and units with more than 20 infantery models, (adapt number in function of troup type)
interfering units and covers should stack.

VP: Please give VP away when part of a multi part model is slain ( i.e. dragon/screaming bell) or even half points if more than 75% LP of a monster are gone.
A dead dragon is still a loss, even if the rider is alive...


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