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Comp for Woodelves

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Comp for Woodelves

Post  Xavier on Fri 30 May - 8:41

Option 2:
• Non character model with Asrai longbow, max 90
• Hagbane tips/Trueflight arrows/Waywatchers(counts as 2)/Waystalker (counts as 5), max 60
• Lore of death on spellweaver/moonstone of the hidden ways/3 or more Waystalkers, max 1
• 8 or more Sisters of the Thorn in the same unit/Spellweaver on Elven Steed with Death or Dark magic, max 1
(• Forests placed by wood elf player can be magical)

To see with Arnaud, if he prefers to play Woodelves with that or Ogers  Smile 
I think Ogers are still a better choice.

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Re: Comp for Woodelves

Post  ABT on Sat 31 May - 9:40

The young guy that I m would play WE, I was not so bad with them in 6th and early 7th version. But I ll take what team needs. And I'm also happy to play ogers at ETC. They have never let me down since the new book.

I think that this comp is good. ANd we have to think a bit our list in regard if it.

See you.


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