Tactical Mastery at the OCB

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Tactical Mastery at the OCB

Post  ElDorte on Mon 24 Mar - 17:35

Hello my dear Friends.
After taking advices from my Strategic Guides (Stefan, Arnaud, Date and Raph) here comes the plan to rule the Tournament in Bern.
Here is the List for supermancy:

1 Lord: 550 Pts. 22.0%
1 Hero: 218 Pts. 8.7%
2 Core Units: 670 Pts. 26.8%
2 Elite Units: 628 Pts. 25.1%
2 Rare Units: 430 Pts. 17.2%

Chaos Sorcerer Lord, General, lvl4, Lore of Fire, Flaming Breath, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Scroll, Manticore, Iron Hard Skin - 550 Pts.

Exalted Hero, Mark of Khorne, Shield, Scaled Skin, Armour of Destiny, BSB - 218 Pts.

20 Forsaken, Forsaken of Khorne - 420 Pts.
24 Chaos Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Flails, M - 250 Pts.

6 Dragon Ogres, GW, C - 418 Pts.
10 Hellstriders of Slaanesh, Hellscourges, M - 210 Pts.

Giant, Giant of Nurgle - 215 Pts.
Giant, Giant of Nurgle - 215 Pts.

Total: 2496

Beware of the Chaos.


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