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ETC report O&G

Post  Pulps on Sun 15 Sep - 14:36

A little bit late, but there it is.

Match 1: Netherland -- O&G vs VC

1xTherrorgheis; 2x7 hexwraits; 2x4Vargheist...
Even though in some match I'd have been the "sacrificed" one as I already known, probably this one was a mathup to avoid. But we should have, and will probably discuss about that and Dim's program.
He correctly said me, that this matchup was good for him, and he had to push over me. But because he wanted to play the Terror (therefore to keep it most of the time at 12" from the Lord) and beacuse of the Vargheists's frenzy, he spent too many turns on mooving and his action was a bit too slow to really storm me. I get a Totalpower boosted foot of gork at 2nd turn, which bounces 3 times on his hexwraits but only kills 2 models (and something like 15 gobbs...). It should have probably changed the match a bit. It ends 6-14 and I'm pretty happy with.

Match 2: Wales -- O&G vs TK

2x caskets, 2x catapults, 2x lv4 mages (with light council) and 2x 4/5 snakes.
Another "not that good" matchup for me, but even if he has so many fire shooting in its magic and shooting phase, unless he deals too many wounds, it's playable for me. I can stop one snake, get the other by magic/shooting and put some pressure with trolls. He gets a total power banishment at 1st on my trolls (after a shem) and does an enormus amount of wounds. I decided to shoot everything on the 2xlight cav in order to have a charge at 3d on his archers unit with lv4 and 3lv1 light. It goes but only with a few trolls left. He spents all the magic phases to boost the unit but at the end it goes down. I lose 2x trolls and some chaff, I also get a catapult and half of snakes. 9-11. Another decent result.

Match 3: Ireland -- O&G vs DEM

6+1+1 Beasts, 5x fly, unclean with death.
It's the sacrifical day for my Orcs. This match doesn't look that bad on my eyes, but here comes my lack of experience and testing(which is probably the worst mistake I did in this Tournament). A pretty good player who knows what to do. He doploys the 6 beast on one rang to avoid the foot but he gets stucked a little bit (Imho a mistake because the first target are for me the drones). Anyway he managed to kill one of wolves with the winds of magic and one chariot with the 0spell: definitely a drama for me because a lose 2 redirectors.... ma shooting phases are not that good (but he gets the +1wound on the unclean and wisely puts as soon as possible the drones in cc). at 4th I failed a double 9 stupidity test on trolls, I can't reform and get a flank charge from the plaguebearers. I can't avoid him to get my savages with caracters. 0-20. I probably didn't played that good, with some minor mistakes and a bit of lack of experience.

Match 4: Ukraine -- O&G vs DE

Probably the match I regret the most, therefore I don't want to spend too match time on it Razz .
Definitely not a great player, and a good matchup for me. He doesn't put the bsb on Darkpegasus in a unit and get punished by te doomdivers (just to have an example). But of course, first 2 shots with lobbers on dragon, 2 missfires, 2 ones, no more catapults👅 
Then he goes straight forwards, charges with a chariot, hydra and dragon 10 trools, get blocked the entire game, but I'm not able to kill the lord (I forgot a couple of stomps, because of the frustration: he saved way too many wound with the dreadlord.) 10-10. Sooooooo frustrated....

Match 5: Finland -- O&G vs DE

Lv4 death, 2x assassins, 2x shades, 2x assasins and another friendly player.
He plays very cautiously and the game is overall very passive. At 5th gets a double one on winds of magic, channels once, and with the sacrifical dagger it's a 3 vs 1. A doom and darknes goes in and I lose by a break 1 unit of gobbs and a second one because of the panic test. 300pts and a 9-11 instead of a 11-9.

Match 6: Norway -- O&G vs DE

Another dragon.
He decides not to play the match, and put everything in the corner. I get a total power on a foot of gork and with a couple of bounces I get a half of the lances. I gave him a mangler, and gets some points by shooting. the match last 1 hour. 12-8.

Some considerations post-tournament;
Even though the list maybe wasn't set up at the best and some testing was still missing, the only big change would have been the big unit of Big'uns instead of the fanatics and night goblins (I discovered during the Etc that you actually have to declare the point where the fanatics come out with the direction, which is a very big nerf).
Probaby also big goblin shaman should fit: Sometimes its useful to try to dispell a spell with less dispel dices, knowing you have another lv 3/4. And a couple of little waagh spells with the attribute aren't that bad, even if he costs a bit.

Probably the biggest mistake I did, as I already said during the report, was the lack of testing and preparation of the tournament. As the last time, The etc is everytime extremly instructive and enlightening, but some of these "lessons" should already have been learned before the tournament.

I'm 100% thankful to the entire team and the amazing experience and I hope to see you soon!!



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Re: ETC report O&G

Post  Buchi on Mon 16 Sep - 7:50

Thanks for the honest und reflective reports! Much appreciated.


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