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Rule issues

Post  Buchi on Thu 12 Sep - 13:36

I thought we will need that sooner or later anyway so decided to open it.

Also I have got a question that probably seems a bit silly but we could not come to a conclusion when we discussed it even having the RB in front of us.

Assume there a 2 units in CC. Their centers are not aligned - for example have 2 single models fighting each other and having only contact via their corners.
Now, when fleeing after a failed breaktest how is the fleeing model moved?

a) it turns away in an 180 degree arc and moves straight away

b) it turns so that it faces away from the center of the enemy unit (like when fleeing as a charge reaction) and moves straight away

Would be great if someone could elaborate on that and idealy also could tell his reasonings.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Rule issues

Post  sevic on Thu 12 Sep - 16:52

It was ruled like b) this year

But I can't explain exactly why (maybe a "unit" is defined by his center)

cf: (ETC Q&A)

7. When fleeing from combat is the fleeing done center to center, resulting in "odd angles" of flee and pursuit moves?

A. Yes.


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