Bad news from France

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Bad news from France

Post  Xavier on Sun 6 Jan - 15:09

Hi guys,

I've just received the news and despite my request, the french didn't let us come to their qualifiers in april, because they already were an even number of team and some teams raised their voice to avoid having us coming (even if I can't find reason and find it sad, well... they have the right to do so)

Sadly, we won't be able to go there to test our metagame, and as far as I know, there probably won't be any other possibility.

The ETC warmup in Germany is only for 5 members teams, which doesn't bring much imho
The ETC warmup in Denmark is in june (exam time), so most likely we won't be able to form a good team

I'll probably be able to organize a weekend with some french teams (three of them maybe) so we can test the thing around a little bit. More news about this will come.

That's all I had to say Smile



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