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Post  2dipicche on Sun 5 Jun - 20:44

Hi everyone,

I posted one list for each army that we'll bring to ETC.

I don't want to force anyone to play the list I wrote but I'd like that you know that there is a reason behind each choice. I'd like to discuss with you each army (obviously each list can be improved with your help).

I'd like also to know wich army you don't want to play against and which army you would like to take.

See you, Alan

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Re: Discussion

Post  Buchi on Mon 6 Jun - 8:20

Great work and effort on those lists!
I have left a few questions/comments after having a first look through.
In regard to -
Which armies I would not like to play against with my Skaven in this order:
- Magic heavy Vampire counts as they will recover any losses I can do with magic/shooting and I have no way to stand against them in CC
- Mirror matches as the winner will be decided by who is able to wipe out the generals regiment with the terrible 13th first
- Lots of Chaos warriors/exalted of Tzeentch as they will munch through my Slaves to quick and are very well protected against most of my arsenal

One other thing though - wasn't there supposed to be a High Elves list instead of the O&G?
Not that I do not find O&G interesting but would assume HE to be the stronger and more important the more reliable army.


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